Pre and postnatal therapy for anxieties, depression, trauma, low mood or not feeling able to cope.

If you’re expecting a baby or have become a parent and are struggling, you are not alone. Whether it’s as a result of hormones rebalancing, a difficult birth or mental health issues, 4 in 10 new parents have perinatal mood imbalances which says a great deal about how our society puts pressure on new and expectant parents at a time when there are already mounting concerns about work, homes, other children and relationships. There is often less support from family members who may be living at a distance away and many people feel unable to speak out for fear of being judged unfit to parent or have long waiting times once they have reached out to their GP’s.

Sophie offers a bridge into therapy if you feel you need to do something quickly with instant results. Ideal for anyone who is on a therapy waiting list or needs some gentle guidance, and be heard in a safe, non judgemental space.

An integration of CBT, Mindfulness and Hypnosis with a peppering if Aromatherapy and 13 years experience (plus 4 children), proffers repeatedly positive results usually in around 3 sessions, depending on individual needs.

How does it work? You will have a brief free phone call to assess if you want to have therapy with Sophie. If you wish to go for the therapy, Sophie recommends a consultation therapy session followed by 2-5 more sessions. You will receive handouts and downloads plus MP3’s to use between sessions to enhance your therapy plan and help you make the most of it all.

Fees are:

£85 initial 90 minute consultation

£70 per session

£190 for 3 sessions

£360 for 6 sessions

(Payment in instalments is available)

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