Homeopathy is a system of medicine that gently stimulates your body to heal itself. Remedies act as a catalyst, reminding your body what it can do better. It was once described to me as an elegant approach to health and wellbeing, and I have come to understand what this means

Homeopathy treats the whole person rather than just the parts that don't work. It is a completely different way of viewing health and disease. There are many more factors to feeling well than an absence of symptoms, and is why symptom management is not always an effective modality to achieve and maintain health and wellbeing. This approach often leads to multiple medication and drug interactions (or polypharmacy) which can result in serious complications. Could it be that we are making ourselves sick(er) by following this path?

A Homeopath or, for that matter, most complementary/alternative therapists, learn that the body always works to maintain ‘homeostasis’, a state of equilibrium between bodily systems and organs. When this state changes for any reason, symptoms are produced, which are always related to our individual susceptibility, and continue until the underlying cause of dis-ease is addressed.

I believe that conventional medicine’s focus on symptom management has led to the chronic health pandemic now experienced in the West, as opposed to looking for and treating the broader, perhaps underlying reasons for dis-ease. And this is a fundamental difference between conventional medicine (or allopathy) and homeopathy: allopathy seeks to take the symptom away quickly, to create the ‘opposite’ state to what is presented, usually with powerful, toxic drugs or surgery; whereas homeopathy works on the basis of ‘similar’, working with the individual’s expression of dis-ease and prescribing remedies, in minimum dose, to help your body back to health, gently and often quite quickly. With this method, your susceptibility (underlying predisposition) is often identified and treated to provide you with a longer-term solution versus the quick fix.

Is it safe?

Despite the recent Press, homeopathic remedies are safe, containing minimal amounts of the original substance which are then 'potentised', i.e. diluted and succussed. Indeed, vaccination is as close as conventional medicine has got to Homeopathy. This triple-process captures the remedies' therapeutic properties and ensures they are devoid of toxic effects. Homeopathy can be taken alongside conventional medicine. Indeed, many patients use Homeopathy to minimise side effects of their conventional medication.

Homeopathy was recently accepted as a viable alternative to conventional medicine by the House of Lords Committee for Complementary Medicines. Indeed, the Royal Family and many celebrities use Homeopathy yet widespread acceptance remains in its infancy, not helped by consistent negative media reports. However, Homeopathy has recently been integrated into the Swiss public health programme and top quality research continues to reveal just how - versus if - Homeopathy works.

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