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Sam Clark

M.A,UKCP accredited MBACP


About Sam

Sam is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor with over 15 years experience in private practice and working for organisations such as schools, the voluntary sector and the NHS. Sam works with individual adults, families, couples and young people, and is also an experienced supervisor of trainee and qualified counsellors. Sam undertook psychotherapy training at Regents College and has also trained at the Institute of Family Therapy. She works on a short or long-term basis with a diverse range of clients and presenting issues. Sam’s integrative training allows her to tailor therapy to the client’s needs, whether that is the alleviation of depression or anxiety, improving relationships, recovering from trauma or for personal development. She values honesty, warmth, professionalism, and respect for self and other, both in the consulting room and outside.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Perhaps you have a specific problem or issue that wants attention, or a more general sense of unease or dissatisfaction with your life? You may feel in distress, overwhelmed by feelings, or as if life ‘isn’t working’. Problems may be showing up in your personal relationships, at home or at work, in changes of mood or outbursts of anger. You may also be experiencing physical symptoms such as tiredness, disturbed sleep, eating problems or increasing your use of drugs or alcohol to cope. You might have defined your problem as stress, anxiety or depression.

Counselling and psychotherapy are both ‘talking therapies’ that offer people a chance to change how they feel and to live better. A counsellor or therapist isn’t there to give you advice or to tell you what to do, but will listen to you carefully and engage you in a conversation that can help to clarify aspects of your life that may be causing you distress or confusion. The focus can be on immediate issues or concerns, or it may involve looking at the deeper meanings and motivations behind why you feel the way you do.

Psychotherapy or counselling offers a safe, confidential space where you will be listened to carefully and without judgement. From there it is possible to clarify what the problem or unease is, how it came to be, and to move forward. It is a chance to explore, think about and understand life, so that you can live it well.

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